Staveley-in-Cartmel Parish Council currently has 5 councillors working on your behalf to help our community. Councillors are supported by the Parish Clerk.

If you wish to speak to any of the councillors, please contact the Parish Clerk

Cllr Arnold Gorse – Chair

Originally from Southport, having lived in Staveley for over 20 years and Lakeside prior to that. Married to Judith, with one daughter Laura, son-in-law Paul and two grandchildren. Owners of the Millerbeck Light Railway which we enjoy sharing with visitors on an occasional basis throughout the year with the help of our willing volunteers. Now retired, Arnold has been a financial consultant for nearly 40 years.

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Councillor of Staveley-in-Cartmel Parish Council, Cllr Arnold Gorse

Cllr Richard Rhodes – Vice Chairman

My wife and I have owned our house in Staveley in Cartmel for forty years and lived here full time since 2001. My professional experience includes twenty-two years of Headships at two large Independent Boarding Schools in Lancashire; Chairman of Cumbria Probation Trust and election as the first Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner in 2012. I served as a Justice of the Peace for 33 years in Lytham, Fleetwood and Barrow. I am currently a Churchwarden in St. Mary’s Church in the village, licensed to lead worship by the Bishop of Carlisle.

Councillor of Staveley-in-Cartmel Parish Council, Cllr Richard Rhodes

Cllr Adam Strafford

Councillor of Staveley-in-Cartmel Parish Council, Cllr Adam Strafford

Cllr Katie M Lee

After years of spending many holidays in the Lake District, I was thrilled to move to live in a picturesque Cumbrian village and take an active interest in the local community. From a career fully committed to education across the full age range and working in a wide range of roles, participating in an array of sporting and outdoor activities, I recognise the challenges communities face in an ever-changing and challenging world. I cherish the opportunity to help and work alongside others to protect, preserve and develop the environment and our unique community.

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Councillor of Staveley-in-Cartmel Parish Council, Ms Katie Lee

Cllr Ann Newby

I have lived in this area all my life, being born in Ulverston. I have 3 Sons & 2 Grandchildren, who I’m lucky to have living nearby. I am interested in what’s going on with our community and have seen a big change in the mix of locals and Holiday homes that there are now. I managed a Coach Business here for 16 years and now work seasonally for Lakeside & Haverthwaite railway.

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Councillor of Staveley-in-Cartmel Parish Council, Cllr Ann Newby

Lyn Prescott – Parish Clerk

I was raised on the Cartmel peninsula and returned to the area with my family 20 years ago. My career has included teaching and working in the library service. I have been a Parish Clerk since 2012 and also run a small farm in the Cartmel valley.

Parish Clerk of Staveley-in-Cartmel Parish Council, Lyn Prescott

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