Good Housekeeping in Staveley-in-Cartmel

Led by Councillor Gorse, our Lengthsman Julian has been clearing out blocked culverts and drains in the Parish. “Most of these have been blocked due to heavy vehicles using the Parish as a ‘rat run’ between the A590 and A592, said Councillor Gorse. “Trucks and other larger vehicles find the road quite narrow so they ride up over the verges and push soil and other rubbish into and over the drains. With all the recent rain we obviously need to keep these clear “.

In some further good housekeeping the Parish noticeboards in Barber Green and Ayside have been repaired after high winds broke the glass and damaged door clips. In the New Year all the notice boards will receive a cleanup and will be stained and weatherproofed. The Bus Shelters at Newby Bridge will also get a ‘makeover’.

The Parish Council has taken action to ensure that the Public Telephone boxes in the Parish are kept operational, despite a decision by BT to remove them. BT will now clean and clear access to the boxes so that local residents can continue to use them.

“We are also actively planning to provide a Public Access Defibrillator at Newby Bridge Filling Station, said Council Chair Dot Crabtree. “The owners of the Filling Station have very kindly agreed to provide a suitable location for the defibrillator and to cover the electrical running costs. The Parish Council are now in the process of identifying a supplier and we hope to see everything in place early in 2018”.

Parish Council meetings for 2018 have now been planned and are displayed on the Parish Noticeboards and on the website. Parishioners are more than welcome to attend these meetings.

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